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Listen up.

Whether you want to improve your hard-ons, last longer in bed, give your woman more pleasure, insert more passion into your relationship… whatever it is…

Here’s a secret that will help you seriously FAST-TRACK your progress.

It’s not something you may expect, but trust me – it’s at the core of anyone who CONSISTENTLY makes what they want real.

Here it is…

It’s the use of METRICS.

Yes, metrics.




If you’re SERIOUS about making a change in your life it’s CRUCIAL you apply some type of metric to what you’re doing.


Because it’s takes the EMOTION and RATIONALISATION out of it.


Let’s take dieting as an example…

How easy is it to start a diet and slowly let certain foods you know you shouldn’t be eating creep into your diet?

This happens to countless people.

And most of the time people don’t consciously agree to break their diet.

They’ll tell themselves things like “this one chocolate bar won’t matter”, “I didn’t eat much for breakfast today, so it’s okay to eat more for lunch” and so on.

And soon, without even realizing, they’re no longer following the diet they set out to follow.

So what if you use a different approach?

What if you start MEASURING your actions?

In this example – what if you started actually writing down and TRACKING the foods you ate and the exact caloric values?

Yes, you could probably do it in your head roughly.

But the point is that if you do that it’s too easy to end up fooling yourself – for the exact reasons I’ve just described.


That way you can’t B.S. yourself when you’re considering that chocolate bar.

You’ll think twice about that chocolate bar because you know if you eat it you’ll have to enter it into your food diary (or whatever method of tracking you’re using) and it’ll screw up your progress towards your goals.

Can you start to see the power of this?

Listen, if I’m not convincing you then fine – just TRY IT.

Pick ONE change you’d like to make in the next 30 days – whether that’s in the bedroom or any other part of your life.

Decide exactly what metrics and actions you’ll have to track in order to achieve your goal.

Set up your tracking system in a prominent place where you can see it every day.

Do this and I GUARANTEE after 30 days you’ll have made a TON more progress than if you didn’t use this approach.


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How To Get A Boner Fast